Sault Ste. Marie, Thunder Bay

Greetings from Winnipeg!

Wow, we’ve done a lot of driving in the past few days!  Makes you realize exactly how large Ontario is, and also how lovely.  I drove a good stretch yesterday between Sault Ste Marie and Thunder Bay and loved taking in the beautiful view of Lake Superior, framed by forest and rock cliffs while the sun was setting.

Sault Ste Marie was very welcoming, we were invited to dinner at the home of Nancy and Dennis Cavanagh, our publicist Beth’s parents.  They made us feel at home with a delicious meal, and wild blueberry pie for dessert!  Thanks very much for your hospitality.  Then we headed over to Loplops Lounge for the show, which was fun, thanks to everyone who came out and to Steve for having us play there again.

Then it was off to Thunder Bay bright and early in the morning, coffees in hand. It is always so great to come back to The Apollo, the owner Sheila and her mother Tina always welcome us with open arms and the venue has great food, amazing sound and friendly staff. Every band going through Thunder Bay should play there! Oh, and I haven’t even mentioned yet how awesome the audience is in Thunder Bay, we had so much fun playing last night and it was really great meeting lots of new friends after the show. A girl named Jayal even made us a really cool banner that says ohbijou! That is so sweet! We always have a little too much fun partying in Thunder Bay and last night was no exception, there was dancing and pizza-eating until the wee hours of the morning…

At the moment we are prepping for our show in Winnipeg, Jenny is setting up the merch and thinking about puppies, Ryan is poking around with the tour binder and pretending he is a vampire, Casey is staring at her blackberry and beatboxing, Heather is typing something about belly buttons and cotton, and Jamie is hiding somewhere still afraid of the ghost that lurked in his room at the Apollo hostel last night.

And while I listen to Slow Down Molasses soundcheck, I am thinking about all the awesome IPhone apps I’m going to build in the near future, to occupy my time while I’m cooped up in the van as we travel across the country…

So be well, and if you are in one of the following cities, please come see us at one of these upcoming shows:
13 Nov 2009 The Lo Pub w/ Slow Down Molasses Winnipeg, Manitoba
14 Nov 2009 Amigo’s w/ Slow Down Molasses Saskatoon, SK
16 Nov 2009 The Exchange w/ Slow Down Molasses Regina, SK
18 Nov 2009 Marquee Room Calgary, Alberta
19 Nov 2009 Pawn Shop Edmonton, Alberta
20 Nov 2009 Habitat Kelowna, British Columbia
21 Nov 2009 The Biltmore Cabaret Vancouver, BC
23 Nov 2009 Communitea Cafe Canmore, Alberta

Yours truly,


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