Winnipeg, Saskatoon

As our tour brings us west and north, and the days bring us closer to snowy weather, we’re not feeling the least bit of chill. Our time in Winnipeg was wonderful. The Lo Pub made us awesome food and put us up for the night. The folks who came to the show were so appreciative and welcoming. We were excited to again have Ricardo Lopez-Aguilar (of the band Oldfolks Home) mixing our set, and the whooping and hollering coming from the audience let us know we were on the right track. This was the first show of our 3-show tour with Slow Down Molasses, and at the end of the night Ryan and Jeanette had the great idea of going on a “pizza adventure”. And indeed it was. The pizza part was executed perfectly to the satisfaction of all, but the adventure element proved to be a little too spicy. For the second time in two weeks, something precious was stolen from our Jenny. Though not as lovely or as musical as her violin, the piece of pizza (taken by a couple of dorky hooligans who faught like lame prairie dogs) was sorely missed… if only for a night.

The last two days we’ve had a little more good fortune. We’ve been staying safe from harm in the warm nest belonging to our friends Micajah and Lief; wonderful musicians and kind-hearted gentleman both. Instead of riding in the van, or trying to find a sense of home in a strange hotel room, we have found ourselves in a real live living room, a little kitchen with a big view of a big back yard, and in cozy beds at night! If that weren’t enough to warm our hearts, the excellent lads and ladies of Slow Down Molasses were kind enough to take us out to dinner as well! We had an assortment of dishes from the world largest continent, some of which we had never heard of (or tasted of, rather) before! What better way to spend a day off than getting to know new friends over mango-flavoured food, then heading to our adopted home to watch non-stop episodes of 30 Rock! It probably would have been the best day ever, but it was Sunday, and the store offering “Metaphysical Books and Curiosities” was closed. Next time, Saskatchewiccans!

And just so you don’t think we’re taking it too easy in Saskatoon, we did play a show here on Saturday night. Shows are hard work of course. You have to carry your instruments, set up your instruments, play your instruments, and in the case of a show at Amigo’s, you have to put up with eating the best food the 306 has to offer! Hard work! Thank you Amigos for your beans and your uncanny ability to read the burrito’s thoughts and know what it truly wants to be. And thank you to the enthusiastic and encouraging concert goers who pressed up to the stage and made us feel alright through and through! Yay Saskatoon!

Tonight is Regina, and we’re very excited to see the provincial capital! We’ve never played there and we’re all looking foward to it! We hope to see you there!

One final note, when we played at Amigo’s a nice man named Josh Baker handed us a present… a USB key with a really nice remix of Wildfires and Cannon March. Listen to Wildfires here.
And check out Josh’s work here::

Love, Ryan


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