Regina, Calgary

Hello All!

It’s been a lovely couple of days in Alberta! There has been a crispness in the air, but void of a chill. The sun has been shining, and the Prairies have never looked more beautiful!

We played a show at The Exchange in Regina on Monday with Slow Down Molasses, the third and, unfortunately, final show of our three show stint with them. We will miss you all, Team Slow Down Molasses! It was wonderful to meet and get to know you, and we all look forward to the next time that our paths will cross! And they will cross, oh yes, they will cross!

The Exchange was a wonderful time, with wonderful people. We were fortunate enough to see the magic of the building and all that it has to off, as well as meeting some kind folks from Regina’s own The Library Voices. If you haven’t heard them before, check them out!

We had the absolute pleasure of being housed by John, Vanessa, Esme and Yogi after the show. It was incredibly kind and generous of them to offer their home to us for the night, and an outstanding breakfast in the morning, and for that, we are very thankful!

From Regina, we had a beautiful drive to Calgary where we arrived to an outstanding meal of curries, pigeon peas, yogurt chicken and papaya at Anissa’s parents house. Shariffa and Derek, we are so grateful for your generosity, yet again! Staying with the two of you is like staying at a home away from home for us, and it does wonders for our rejuvenation and revitalization! Congratulations to Derek on his ping pong win as well! We look forward to coming back through Calgary on our way home and grabbing one last taste of home before the long drive back!

We played the Marquee in Calgary last night to a wonderful crowd. It was amazing to see how many people had come out to see and support us! A special thanks to Pat who did the sound for the night, and made us feel relaxed, welcomed and comfortable from the moment we walked in the door. Also, thanks to Steve for his excellent beer recommendations! Dojo Workhorse opened up the night with a great set, and you can and should check them out here!

So, now we say goodbye to Calgary with our friends and families, and hello to Edmonton where we’ll be playing at The Pawn Shop. We’re looking forward to tonight, and the nights to follow!

Okay! That’s about it for now. We’ll be blogging again soon!


1 Response to “Regina, Calgary”

  1. 1 Alex November 20, 2009 at 8:30 pm

    Saw you guys at the Marquee room, the show was phenomenal! You guys are fantastic live!

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