I can still feel the van moving. A ubiquitous buzzing traveling through my veins; a cerebral drone. I wonder if there’s a clinical term for this condition? I’m sitting in my bedroom at home but can still feel the van moving. Maybe it’s something comparable to having a phantom limb; something is missing and yet I can still feel it in motion. Being on tour for 3 months and now sitting still without an itinerary to discipline each day, each week, is disorienting and unfamiliar. My body still feels crammed, one of six sardines squished into a tin can.


Its amazing being in a band. The opportunity to travel, to entertain is unmatched and the experiences that satiate each moment, each tour stop are so memorable and yet also so peculiar. Its a difficult task to try and discern each moment from the past 3 months that has affected/altered us in some way but there are instants that stand out. The month of September was spent uncovering Europe. Our second time to London carried with it a satisfying familiarity. Spending another afternoon in Brick Lane, furiously rummaging through vintage clothing, browsing vinyl stacks and being caught in the crossfire of restaurant owners fighting for our patronage felt accustomed and recurrent. London also brought with it a much needed reunion between my sister and her best friend Christina. I’ve never seen Jenny smile so wide – her happiness was contagious.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to play through out Europe and owe much gratitude to our booking agents James Alderman at Free Trade, Bob Van Heur at Belmont Booking, everyone at Bella Union and especially our tour captain Matt “Prawn” Shrimpton for herding us around safely and for unleashing (among other things) the most potent humour and witt through out our tour. Other European highlights included; the Dirty Projectors at the End of the Road Festival in North Dorset UK, wandering the streets of Rotterdam NL, playing at Club Vera in Groningen NL, talking Battlestar Galactica with J. Tilman in Paris, jumping on a trampoline at Bernie’s in Manchester, drinking whiskey into the wee hours with the boys form Magnolia Electric Co in Porthcawl UK and a surprise visitor and a much needed day off to explore Berlin. We feel lucky to have seen snippets of Europe if not only through the window of a van and hope to play again there soon.


“My life is a perfect graveyard of buried hopes.” Anne Shirley.
The most predictable circumstance of our trip out east was watching Anne of Green Gables on the way to Prince Edward Island. Soaked in youthful nostalgia, Anissa belted (as per usual) strident chirps of laughter from the back seat of our van. The soil slowly subsumed a redness to match the season outside as we crossed Confederation Bridge onto the island. We buried our feet in the red soil, jumped off small cliffs and absorbed the crisp air blowing from the Atlantic ocean. It was our first time visiting this province and like always it was even better to share it with the boys from The Acorn. Again, we feel so enriched by our friendships with Howie, Rolf, Pat, Jeff and Jeffrey. They are so humbling, so inspiring….Jeff previewed some tracks from their upcoming release and I must say prepare to be blown away.

Other Eastern Canada highlights included; playing at St. Matthew’s Church for Halifax Pop, devastating the Acorn in a game of dodgeball, Heather winning $45 in a game of dice in Fredericton, coffee at the Bridge St. cafe in Sackville and hearing Snailhouse perform Birds and Bees. Thank you to everyone who came to see our shows out east, next time we hope to make it all the way to Newfoundland!


In Thunder Bay they were bumping and grinding (?!). Well not everyone, just two people. What an amazing display of moves! I saw a lot of “booty” shaking. Wowee. I’m sure it was the orchestral under pinnings of our music that unleashed their wild sides but I digress. Thunder Bay has always been a memorable experience for us. From Shelia devulging the trials and tribulations of her beloved Apollo to Tina shuffling around to serve us breaded chicken and sweet potatoes before the show to a girl named Jayal (I hope I spelt that write) sewing us an Ohbijou banner and giving us a copy of her wolf stories; we always leave that city feeling full of warmth and feeling apart of the family.

Our tour out west was the last leg of this 2 month jaunt around Canada. We were anticipating the beautiful drive from Sudbury through to Sault Ste. Marie. We were looking forward to the quiet lull and infinite skies of the prairies. We were held captive by the mountains and charmed by the small towns like Hedley BC that lined our path to Vancouver. Canada is so big and to feel every inch of it is truly an extraordinary experience. I won’t reiterate all that has been reflected upon in our most recent blogs of this tour but I will definitely send thanks to everyone who came out to the shows. Thank you for supporting our music and thank you for the opportunities to play for you. We feel really lucky and hope to see you again soon! Thank you especially to our booking agent Steven Himmelfarb and Remi for all your help through out.

The wheels have stopped so now what?

There is a much to absorb and digest. It’s time to put pen to paper and write, write, write!

Thank you again.
Keep well.


1 Response to “3 MONTHS IN A TIN CAN”

  1. 1 Nolan Mac December 22, 2009 at 2:05 am

    I heard your cover of Last Christmas on CBC the other day. It was fantastic. Would love to see you in concert someday.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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