Snowflakes the size of gold medals….

The Canadian men’s hockey team just won gold!!! I’m watching the red and white streets of Vancouver bounce in celebration on television. They just showed shots of Granville Street, and my heart warmed with memories of walking about that very street in warmer weather while on tour. I’m feeling proud, and patriotic right now.

It feels like it has been ages since we’ve played a show. I really miss it. The last while, we’ve been easing our way back into practicing and writing. It feels good, even new! I admit it was hard warming up to our new practice space at first; it wasn’t Bellwoods, my home. I used to stroll out of my room, head downstairs to the basement, set up my area of the space and just wait for the others. I would soon hear the pattering of footsteps above me grow, and then our band mates would file into the basement, one after the other. Now, with every journey to our new practice space, I have been able to gradually put that old routine, and memory to rest.

After several practices at our new space, it has become a strong realization that we are embarking upon a new phase together; new approaches to practicing and writing. I know it seems like we have said this several times already, but after having a short break from music, and settling into a new space, we’ve had to embrace the amount of time it takes to gather and oil our bearings again. However, we are excited for what’s to come. New songs, and new sounds are unraveling.

Mid-March we are packing up all our instruments and heading into the beautiful Hamlet of Dyers Bay in the center of the Bruce Peninsula. Away from the distractions, and bustle of city-life, we are going to hole up in a cottage and put on our writing caps, and not take them off for ten days. A rejuvenation of band dynamics, spirit, and creativity; I’m looking forward to it.

In the last few weeks, I’ve been busy practicing with my sister, and the wonderful Leon Taheny, for my first full solo set at the Garrison, last Tuesday night. I spent several nights setting up shop and practicing in my room, tinkering with sounds, and singing with an “inside voice”. The night was so incredibly nerve wrecking, but I’m truly grateful that my sister encouraged and pushed me to do it. Thank you to everyone who came out that night!!! My admiration for all those who front projects and gather the courage to sing/perform alone onstage has grown immensely. Luxury Pond’s, Dan Goldman, broke my heart with his beautiful lyrics and melodies, and the handsome boys of Whippoorwill and the gorgeous Sylvie Smith, kept me smiling and singing “chug-a-lug” for several days.

This Friday, March 5th, Casey is playing a solo set at the Tranzac along with Amy Learmonth of the Youngest (, and Ken Reaume’s, VIVIV, ( You should check out their gorgeous music, and see them perform if you can. It will be a beautiful, heartwarming night!

Alright, so the closing ceremonies of the Olympics are beginning. I missed the opening ceremonies and half of the games, so I’ve pledged not to miss this.

I hope you are all warm, and your feet are staying dry!!
Thanks for reading and take care!!

Xoxo jenny


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