100309 – March Repair

Hello All!

The last few days in this city have been bright and sunny; full of promise and a sign of the change in season that is around the corner. It’s a hopeful time, and one that seems to be inspiring some wonderful things, both in the world of Ohbijou and beyond.

We’re gearing up to go to north to Dyers Bay while many of those we know are gearing up to go south to Texas. In some ways, it seems odd not to be following the flow of musicians who make the annual trek down to Austin for SXSW this time of year. But at the same time it feels like the perfect choice for us. Taking the time to write and get back to the basics of what being in a band is about – making music together – is something that we are all ready for, and something that is hard to find in the heart of Austin amidst a bustling music festival. Chances are, this time next year we’ll be more than excited to be heading down to the warm weather, the bats under the bridge, the wonderful people, and, of course, all of the music that SXSW has to offer. But this year, we’re ready for an escape from the city, a bunch of new songs, and some Settlers of Catan.

And this week is Canadian Music Fest here in Toronto. There are, of course, some shows that are going to be fantastic. A few of them are:

The Drake Hotel – 10:00 : Forest City Lovers, 11:00 : Hooded Fang
The Garrison – 10:00 : Diamond Rings
The Horseshoe Tavern – 01:20 : Great Bloomers

The Garrison – 10:00 : The D’Urbervilles, 11:00 : Silver Starling
Lee’s Palace – 11:00 : The Acorn
Silver Dollar – 12:00 : PS I Love You

The Horseshoe Tavern – 11:10 : The Wooden Sky

There are probably many more as well. You can check them all out at http://www.canadianmusicfest.com.

And there are many good things in the works these days. We’ve been involved in some way in the a bunch of great albums that are on the verge of being released into the world. So, here’s an initial heads up on some great stuff that is going to be coming your way some time in the near future. Check it out!

Diamond Rings – www.myspace.com/diamondringsmusic
Emma McKenna – www.myspace.com/emmamckenna
Kite Hill – www.myspace.com/restandrun
KASHKA – kashka.bandcamp.com
Loon Choir – www.myspace.com/loonchoir
Stanford – TBA
Typewriter – www.myspace.com/fortinjoe

And Anissa and Heather are playing with Lisa Bozikovic, and here are the details:

Owle Bird Video Release Party
w/ Owle Bird, The Skeletones Four, Lisa Bozikovic & The Dead Elm Society of Canada
Thursday, March 11, 2010
At Cinecycle (King & Spadina)

And, finally, if you’re ever feeling like you can’t quite get things rolling, artistically or otherwise, there is a great Brian Eno / Daniel Lanois clip that’s very inspiring. Check it out here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=We1Cvs44i-Q), and remember, we’re all unpromising beginnings.

Okay. That’s about it for now.
Enjoy the sun and its warmth, and let it inspire you to do great things.



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