Monday, April 5, 2010 – Glistening Light

Whoa, it’s beautiful outside right now. I’m sitting on my balcony, soaking it in. Staring lustfully at my BBQ and wondering if she’s got any fluid right now, cause I’m eager to turn her on and get things cooking soon. umm…

ok. Ohbijou has been up to some fun stuff. We just recently returned from our getaway to the beautiful, inspiring, Dyer’s Bay in the Northern Bruce Peninsula. We rented a quaint and quiet cabin, well out of ear-shot from any neighbours, and moved ourselves in for the span of 10 days.

The 1890s-built log room became our haven to write, arrange, experiment, demo and play. While wrapped up in the loveliness of this space, out flew a flock of new songs and arrangements that we’re pretty excited about!

Here are a few other highlights from our getaway:

– Andy. One of our few neighbours who lived a short hike away. He had us over for a couple of hilarious visits, and guided us on a beautiful hike along the escarpment. His dog, Patch, was also our guide. He walked us home to safety in the dark of the night.

– Settlers of Catan. Again and again and again.

– Scott. Tatiana, Talasa, Acadia. We met this beautiful family through the connection of music. We had the good fortune of hanging out with them, visiting their land, and getting some insider knowledge on the incredible work they are doing towards music and sustainability. Scott is also the maker of some amazing music himself… give it a listen here!

– Pedal Jams. Returning from a late night walk to find Jamie on the floor with a guitar, surround by 12+ effects pedals chained together and running to 4 amps. The ultimate mega-drone.

– Patrick. Another neighbour who lived a short hike away. Though we were unable to pay it a visit, Patrick is well known for his beautiful “Larkwhistle” garden, and is the author of a number of gardening books. He was also our bearer of tasty organic garlic and carrots.

– Potlucks, late-night (inspired) grocery lists, morning jogs, gorgeous weather, instruments, jams, sounds, recordings.. music.

To sum things up, it was a much-needed, and much-enjoyed, escape from the city. And we’re excited to be able to share some of the creative outcome of our venture with you soon!

Next on the agenda for Ohbijou… a trip to Japan and Taiwan. what!?!!??!!


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