it’s the haulidaze

Christmas is in two days! I’ve realized these past few months have waltzed past us with incredible speed when only our summer tour seemed just a stone’s throw away. Ohbijou hasn’t been on the road for several months now, but we surely have been keeping busy with the preparation for our new album.

In November, we spent consecutive evenings practicing and writing in a beautiful rehearsal space belonging to Array Music. These writing sessions and rehearsals segued into the unveiling of a handful of new songs that we performed for the Tranzac benefit show on November 20th at the Tranzac. With several members of Ohbijou lending a hand, the lovely Lisa Bozikovic, whom we toured with in the summer, opened the show with her beautiful songs. If you haven’t already checked her out, please do so here:

It was a wonderfully successful night. It felt incredible to play a show again in Toronto after several years. We played to a sold out crowd and all the ticket sales went towards an important cause: keeping the Tranzac open and running. The Tranzac is a non-profit member supported community organization with a focus on promoting arts, music and theatre and is being threatened to have its doors closed. If you don’t already have plans for New Year’s Eve, The Tranzac will again be hosting an amazing evening full of music and dancing. Jamie’s side project with Reg Vermue, coined “Light Fires”, will be performing along with many other Toronto musicians such as Hooded Fang, Sandro Perri and I Am Robot And Proud. For more information on this fun night, and ways you can help keep the Tranzac open check out:

At the end of November, Ohbijou took another trip to Dyers Bay. We holed up in our trusty cottage for a week focusing on the writing and development of our songs for our upcoming album. We always look forward to our time here. It was a productive week. We approached and wrote several new songs and concentrated on tweaking the ones that have been on the go. This time of year, the landscape was masked in white but nonetheless beautiful. Aside from writing, we, again, took in the beauty of the Georgian Bay waterfront. We indulged in many games of Settlers of Catan, crafted delicious dinners and interesting snacks to fill our tummies, and had an incredible jam night filled with covers and improvisation with our friends here. We will again be visiting in January to wrap up the writing for this album, and then we leave Toronto to record in February.

It’s always around the holidays, when surrounded by friends and family, you’re affirmed of how fortunate you are. Ohbijou has been very fortunate. Thank you for all your support! We had a wonderful year filled with exciting travels and memorable shows and we are looking forward to numerous things in the upcoming year.

First things first, though: Christmas is in TWO days! I’m so excited to spend time with my family, eat an endless amount of pancit and cuddle with my niece and nephew on the couch while watching old episodes of Sesame Street. It will be perfect!

I hope you have a very happy and warm holiday and a wonderful New Year!!

love jenny


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