Montréal? Oui, Merci!

It’s winter time. To no surprise, Toronto has been providing its usual juxtaposition of dreary, gloomy, cold that seems to penetrate the bones and temporarily inhabit the soul, followed by beautiful days of sunshine that glistens off the freshly fallen snow and makes for a perfect walk in the park. Winter weather so often mirrors winter existence. . our moods, and the challenges life seems to throw at us at this time of year. Just bracing through it one day, and finding enjoyment and light the next. But regardless the day, the weather, the mood, I find it no more perfect a time than to leave Toronto and move on to experience these effects in a new city for a little while.

Our countdown to Montreal is 4 days to departure. We will pack up some instruments, some clothes, and some ideas, and head to a city of new inspirations to work on capturing the songs and sounds we’ve been developing over the past year. Jace Lasek (of the Besnard Lakes) will be taking the reigns for this project, and we’re so excited about that. We’ve heard only amazing things about him and his studio “Breakglass”.

A few weeks ago we returned from our fourth venture to our beloved rental cabin in Dyer’s Bay. We spent the week writing a few new songs, wrapping up some musical loose ends, petting goats and jamming with our pals in the community. Oh yeah, and trying to push our van out of a messy situation. Us city slickers have managed to get the van stuck once per visit to Dyer’s Bay (that’s 4 out of 4). Piling up against the back of a van while heaving, pushing, and getting sprayed by snow or mud, has become a bit of a ritual for us.

To see pictures from our Dyer’s Bay retreat, as well as to get updates from us over the course of our recording process, drop by these here links:

Also, if you are in the mood for some beautiful music this week, please go to the Music Gallery this Thursday night. Ryan’s project Kite Hill will be performing as part of Wavelength’s 11th anniversary series. Here are the details!

Thursday, February 17 @ The Music Gallery, 197 John St.
KITE HILL (Friends in Bellwoods – beautiful, spacious folk-pop)
EIYN SOF (Bluefog Recordings – introspective country electronica)
GORDON GRDINA’S EAST VAN STRINGS (Vancouver – Drip Audio – creative jazz string quartet)
NOT THE WIND, NOT THE FLAG (Barnyard Records – global improvisations)
8pm • $11
I’ve managed to preview some of the tracks that are soon to be released on Kite Hill’s record, and boy, are they gorgeous. Might I suggest that you keep an ear out for this release in the spring time!

Keep warm now!


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