Back Home, The First Of May

Hello Again,

Of late, this city has been feeling more alive than it has in a long time. Maybe it’s something to do with the way that now the wind hints at warmth, instead of constantly trying to pierce through our skins. Maybe it’s the way that the sun is less inclined to hide from us, and instead is hinting at the fact that it wants to hold us in its warmth for days on end. Maybe it’s the fact that everyone seems to default to optimism when thinking about what the future holds, all seeming to hold a hope for things to get even better than they are for not just themselves, but for all. Whatever the reason, it is a wonderful time to be home in the city we call Toronto, and surrounded by the friends, family and co-conspirators who do the same.

We as a band have great reason to feel optimistic about the future. Our time in Montreal with Jace Lasek was, to put it simply, incredible. Jace took our music and fostered it, augmented it, molded it and captured it in a way that no one else could have. He found the spirit of our music and brought it forward; not just in the sounds he captured, but also in the performances and energy that he incited and reveled in each of us. And all the while, he did so with an ear to ear grin on his face, and a heartfelt laugh ready to launch at the drop of a hat. We come away from our days at Breakglass with not just wonderful memories of Prairie-inspired accents, family dinners, rooftop brews and views, karaoke, pint glass announcements, new vans, rain walks for take out, and the intense competition that only Words With Friends can provide, but also with an incredible documentation of the experience that we shared as 7 people working together as one on something that we are incredibly proud of, and incredibly excited to share with the world. It was an honour and a privilege to have been a part of that experience, and it is one that we will hold strong in our hearts for a very long time to come.

Thank you Jace Lasek, for all that you’ve done for us, and all you continue to do. We went to Montreal in hopes of making a wonderful album. We return to Toronto with an incredible album, and with you as someone we are all extremely grateful to call our friend.

The album will be out in the fall. More info will, of course, follow about it in the months to come. We couldn’t be more excited about releasing it, playing shows, and sharing it with everyone who has been with us as we’ve grown into who we are as a band today. To have the privilege to be doing what we love doing, making music with each other, is something that we don’t take for granted. Thank you all for your support.

From here, look our for more information as the release comes closer and closer. We will be gearing up for shows all across the continent come the Fall of 2011. Until then, there will be a few shows here and there. To start, here’s one:

July 01, 2011 – Ottawa, ON – TD Ottawa Jazz Festival

And there will be more. Many more. But not just yet. Right now, we’re going to take some time to sit in a park, on the ever greening grass, under the ever brightening sun, and just enjoy the feeling that comes with have created something special together with people you love.



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