Borne in the bedrooms of a family home in Brantford, Ontario, Casey Mecija’s tender compositions, bound with youthful frailty and unnerving beauty, found their pace in Toronto. Enlisting the help of her younger sister, Jenny, and friends Heather Kirby and Anissa Hart, Mecija’s songs took flight. An encounter with James Bunton and Ryan Carley led to further collaboration and the conception of Ohbijou. Andrew Kinoshita soon added his talents to Ohbijou’s orchestration. Furnished with mandolin, violin, piano, banjo, cello and an impressive array of other instruments, a seven piece orchestral pop force began to appear on stages around Toronto. In June of 2005 Ohbijou released Zips and Zings, an EP that announced the arrival of a band that would deeply alter the landscape of independent music in Toronto. In 2006 they released their highly acclaimed first full-length album, Swift Feet for Troubling Times. In April 2009 Ohbijou will return with their sophomore album, Beacons. Already gleaning praise from critics, the album is being touted as one of 2009’s most anticipated.


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